Maternal Moulting!

The toll on the female body when creating life is immense and it is only afterwards that you see quite how powerful hormones are!

Holy Hormones Batman I’m…..MOULTING!!!

And not just a little either. I am beginning to get rather concerned about my post pregnancy plumage!

My hair is coming out in handfuls, fistfuls, bucketloads! I’m scared.

I feel like the witch in ‘The Wizard of Oz’….’I’m Moulting….I’m Moulting!’

Apparently I am in the throes of ‘Post Partum hair loss’ and it’s quite common. It’s quite common for your hair to lose its grip all of a sudden and detach itself from your scalp at an astounding rate! What’s not so common is the feeling this elicits.

For all my male readers, I now understand the fear of the receding hairline. The fear that with every brush of your hair you notice a little more scalp than last time. The fear that when you wake up tomorrow, you may well have no hair left at all. I don’t want to belittle this feeling by saying that it’s acceptable for men to be bald but you have to agree that it must be far easier to be bald if you’re a man compared with  being a bald woman.

Why would I say this? Well it’s obvious surely? Lustrous locks are inextricably  linked to feminine beauty and allure. Think of all the adjectives that are used to describe your ‘glossy mane’ and ‘crowning glory’ and then imagine, as a woman, losing that symbol of femininity.

Google Images

Google Images Gail Porter

This led me to reflect on Gail Porter. For those people who don’t know who she is, she is/ was a presenter and achieved notoriety after posing naked and having the image projected onto the Houses of Parliament. I think she gained an army of adoring ‘lad mag’ reading fans from this too (oh can it get any better?). Well, for those of you that don’t know, Gail developed Alopecia and for someone who had been a bit of a pin-up and a prominent presenter, losing her hair must have been awful. I mean really, truly awful. I’ve been thinking about what she must have felt as her hair fell out with no explanation and no idea of when (or if) it would grow back again. She lost a lot and I’m not just talking about hair.

The amount of hair that I’m finding on my brush and floor prompted me to read up about post partum hair loss and how far it can go. Hmmmm. Shouldn’t have done that. Now I’m convinced that I have ‘Post Partum Alopecia’ and I will lose all of my male ‘Maternal Mayhem’ readers (ahem) as the weeks go on and my crowning glory winds up down the plug hole!!! Don’t even get me started about my eyebrows!!!! I mean honestly, why can’t I lose the inconvenient hair? The hair that I have spent years of my life shaving, plucking and preening so that I don’t look like something from the 1500s! The hair that Julia Roberts forgot to shave and caused an outrage with – remember that? Julia….no!

Google Images Julia Roberts

Google Images Julia Roberts

Google Images Gail Porter

Google Images Gail Porter

A woman’s self-esteem is a fragile thing and we are often our worst critics but at least I have an idea that when my raging  hormones calm down a bit, my hair should grow back. However, if you do see a new mother out and about, don’t mention her hair, eyebrows or the lack thereof; it’s probably a very touchy subject!!

4 thoughts on “Maternal Moulting!

  1. hi well ihave now got a big belly and i am lovingit wellhubbbby andi had anearly night andwellwe did make love soiwenof towork i pu ti=on m ykisrt an djacket and o fi wen tsothe months wer epassing so a few weeks ago i wasputting on my pencil skirt and my belly was buldging hubby looked he sai dthat is no tyour office skirt soi put onmyjacket and welll icould no tge ibuttoned wellhe sai dtime forthe die tsoi went onmy diet andi wa sonit for a few months he sai dyour bell yis getting very fat soa few weeks ago i wa spulling onmy skirt andit was very tightonwell helooke dhe said that is some belly now youhave got welliam onmy diet soi go tintomyjacket now he said youare gettingvery fat andhe looke dhe sai dthe zip is no tup andthe buttonyouhaveno tdone up your skirt isai dmy belly is nwo tofat soiwenttothe doc and he confirmed we loooked at the pair of us no whe sai dstandup sowe both stood up no whe said that bell yis expandingwelland abou ttoexpand alo tmor einthenext coming months youhave gpt your wif epregnant andnow iamfive months andwhat belly i have go tsoiaas atthe doc yesterday so in i went wellth elooke dhe said wha tonearthhave youbeen up to the size ofyouisia diamfat enought sohe opene dhi stwodoors he aid what a size now he sai ssoit is twinsor triplets isai donl yonehe sai dbut your are huge andfiv emonthsnow wellsiai diwas a fatty efor ei got pregnanth esai dyousure was andiha dpu tyou ona diet but now the belly isai diammasive now soehsai dandyouar enow well over weightsohwo muchhavewe lost o si go tmy weighttakenandi havepu to onanother stone

  2. I came to the conclusion that it hadn’t fallen out during the pregnancy and was just catching up with gravity…. Ten years after baby number three I still have loads of hair, dipite having lost enough after each birth to make hairshirts for an entire monastery. So I wouldn’t worry too much 🙂

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