We Can Rebuild Her!!

I seem to be spending a lot of time lately worrying about weight!

After last week’s post, I began thinking about how much the parachute belly bothers me. I am not, nor ever will be a Supermodel. Clearly.

I read a post by another blogger this week about his concerted efforts to exercise and how various ailments were hindering his progress: mainly age, weight and recurring niggles! Go to http://scottkennedy.co.uk/2013/03/04/we-can-rebuild-him/  to read the post and see what you think.

I can empathise with this post and the feelings it evokes. When you’re feeling bad about: your health, your shape, your appearance, nothing can really lift you out of the quagmire of doom….apart from ACTION! And so, although I am mainly a ‘glass half empty girl’ ( ‘No way’ I hear you cry! Ha!) I have decided that I am…… The Bionic Woman!! Ooooh yes! We can rebuild her!

That’s right readers…just call me Jaime Sommers!!

I already have the extra sensitive hearing. I can hear a baby cry from four miles away! I also seem to have a left arm that can carry a small chunky boy with no bother whatsoever – obviously a bionic arm in place there methinks cos he’s not light!  However I need a new physique and a general improvement of appearance; something that I’m guessing most post partum ladies are desperate for.

Therefore the treadmill beckoned me back this week, and with the help of a lovely friend who looked after my exceptionally squidgy little baby, I hopped back onto the rolling nightmare machine.

Aaaargh! Why does it hurt so much? And why does it feel as if razor blades are cutting into the back of your throat as you struggle to breathe?? If something is so good for you then why does it feel so bad? And why when I glance down at the display does it say I’ve only been on the blasted thing for EIGHT MINUTES!! What??? NO WAY!!

Am I thin yet?

Surely that torture should produce immediate results? Alas, the world is a cruel cruel place. I am clearly not thin, nor less rotund than I was…eight minutes earlier!

Along with my treadmill endeavours, I have joined a class for mums…oh yes I have (I hate things like this but desperate times and all that). I have joined… ‘Buggyfit’!

Now for all you child free lovelies out there you can carry on sniggering at this but mark my words, you may also find yourself at ‘Buggyfit’ in future years and believe it or not it’s actually very enjoyable. I didn’t do anything like this with my first child as the Post Natal Depression was so crippling that I couldn’t face leaving the house but this time I’m branching out; trying new things and seeing whether I can get myself integrated back into society a little sooner.

Well what on earth is ‘Buggyfit’ I hear you cry! Well as the name suggests you keep fit with your buggy/pram/stroller whatever you want to call it. An exercise class outdoors (or in a big gym/hall) where you can take the baby and work on fitting back into your jeans. It’s also a place where it doesn’t really matter if your baby screams and then throws up all over the place because everyone’s in the same boat; no one’s going to tut at you or be put off by a wailing child – quite refreshing really. I’m actually enjoying going to these sessions and would definitely advise new mums to join something like this, especially if you have Post Natal Depression – it’ll show you that no one copes and that you’re actually doing ok!

After a week of exercise, much heavy breathing and a very red face, I am well on my way to regaining some sort of self confidence. Now all I need to do is sort out my hair, nails, plucking, waxing, underwear shopping……….