Socialising can be a veritable minefield at the best of times; especially if, like me, you don’t actually like a lot of people! I’m not saying I’m a misanthropist but I may have misanthropic tendencies i.e I’m not very fond of others – it mainly depends on my mood! 

This is not a great personality trait to possess. It can make life quite uncomfortable. For example, imagine my horror upon discovering what happens to you, when people you don’t know realise that you are pregnant.


That’s right. Touch you. As in, physically invade your personal space (I’m very keen on mine) and touch your tummy! And it doesn’t end there…oh no! A number of people lately have wanted to rub, nay, caress the big bulging belly that I seem to be heaving everywhere with me. The belly that a moment ago was minding its own business and sitting there quite happily. 

Take last night for instance. There I was, at an event, trying to enjoy myself despite the heat and my burgeoning size and what should happen. A young man suddenly noticed the tummy.

“Wow! Look at your tummy! Can I touch it?”

With one fell swoop, and without waiting for an answer, he’d dived on in there! Rubbing away to the sound of the music, he smiled at me.  FREAK! GET OFF! NOW! I, of course, smiled mirthlessly back at him as he continued to rub away to his heart’s content. 

How long did he keep his hands on me I hear you cry? Good question. About forty two minutes I reckon, or at least it felt like that. My friend assures me it was more like two…but still! 

I am obviously still traumatised; suffering from a deep rooted fear of socialising for the rest of the weekend. Last night’s cold sweats were down to the stranger with the hairy hands and I can just imagine the trauma tomorrow brings…..




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