Identity Theft!

Happy in your job? Pleased with your career progression? Articulate? Well read? Slogged your guts out to reach your lofty status? Good for you. Well done. You should be proud. 

Just do me a favour……don’t get pregnant! Pregnancy; the magic wand that seems to rob you of all career achievements in one fell swoop. The malevolent moniker that gives bosses a fantastic excuse to disregard your point of view. How can you possibly know anything anymore, as you’re quite clearly ONLY ‘thinking about the baby’. 

Let’s put this into perspective; the feeling is reminiscent of that argument that you’ve (definitely) had  with your husband/ partner/ brother. They are losing the argument – clearly- and so they pull out the ‘period card’…. 

Man: “Oh for God’s sake. you’re making no sense. Are you on your period?”

Woman: “Aaaaaaaargh! NO!”

(End of discussion)

Just relive the exasperation that you feel when your entire intellect is whittled down to the fact that you have ovaries and a womb. There’s no way you can argue your way out of that.

The same goes for the tummy. As soon as it’s obvious that you are ‘expecting’, don’t bother ‘expecting’ your professional opinion will be valued. Give up the idea that your befuddled brain cells will have anything in them of any value; anything at all!

Surely she’s wrong, I hear you cry! Society has moved on hasn’t it? We’ve progressed? 

Hmmmm… almost makes me hanker after the olden days when pregnancy meant a bottle of stout, feet up and the inevitability that your career was well and truly over (for a few years anyway).  Distant memory? Well I’ve just cracked open a Guinness……..


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